Kendall Jenner cheated on by Devin Booker? Model reveals compromising message

Kendall Jenner

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Credit: Instagram @popfaction – @avalouiise

A model has released a message suggesting that Devin Booker could cheat on Kendall Jenner!

Between them, it is a business that rolls! Internet users are convinced that Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker have been secretly engaged for a few weeks now. If the two lovebirds are rather discreet about their romantic relationship, those who have been together since June 12, 2020 have however left doubt with a photo on which we can see that the professional basketball player seems to wear a ring. So, will we see Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker marry in 2022?

Devin Booker unfaithful to Kendall Jenner?

For the moment, nothing is certain … As we said previously, the two stars are very careful to keep their private life a secret and only make rare appearances together. However, a new rumor is swelling on the Web, according to which Devin Booker is unfaithful to Kendall Jenner! The reason ? The Phoenix Suns player reportedly sent a DM to a model on Instagram to ask for his phone number. It is about a young woman named Ava Louise.

Did Devin Booker hit on a woman behind Kendall Jenner’s back?

Ava Louise, known on OnlyFans, has already made the front page with other sportsmen, who would have had relations with her in the past. Here in the screenshot, Devin Booker reportedly sent him the symbol #, which is related to the telephone numbers in the USA. So, did the basketball player want to flirt with her? Yes some are now convinced that this is evidence that Devin Booker is unfaithful to Kendall Jenner, many other people wonder if it would not just be a photo montage … To be continued!

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