Kelly Vedovelli worried about her health: this "ball" in the neck that does not reassure her

She still keeps smiling, but the situation worries her anyway. And who wouldn’t be worried by discovering an abnormal “lump” in the neck? Indeed, Kelly Vedovelli took over her Instagram account this Tuesday, November 15 to inform her fans that she was going to an ENT in order to have an anomaly checked on this part of her body. The columnist of TPMP, although she has not yet established a diagnosis, was reassuring when she displayed a broad smile in her stories. A way for her to relax the atmosphere and not worry her community.

Before going to the doctor, she spent a pleasant moment in the company of her most faithful friend and colleague from the daily newspaper of C8 : Benjamin Castaldi. The two have a very strong relationship and consider each other like brothers and sisters. It is also for this reason that the pretty blonde wished to be accompanied by the companion of Aurore Aleman for this important meeting.

Kelly Vedovelli, smiling despite her “ball” in the neck

This takes so much care of Kelly Vedovelli that he himself made an appointment with the ENT to have the “ball” diagnosed in the young woman’s neck. “I’m with Benj and I just arrived at the ENT. Benjamin found me an appointment to find out what was in my neck”she first let it be known in story before Benjamin Castaldi showed humor: “It’s Martine at the beach, Martine has sore feet, Martine at the doctor’s…”. What to make hilarious the columnist of TPMP which reminded all the same: “Well yeah but hey, we don’t really know what this ball is”.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know at the present time what the young woman is suffering from. She did not share the doctor’s report or is simply waiting to do in-depth examinations. Hoping that she has nothing serious and that she quickly makes this anomaly disappear.

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