Kelly Vedovelli: The columnist reveals the names of her real friends in TPMP … Surprise no girls in the list!

We already knew that the one who stood out in 2012, by doing extras in the program then hosted by Hervé Mathoux, the Channel Football Clubbefore becoming one of the pillars of TPMP since 2017 was very close to her host, Cyril Hanouna, with whom she spends her holidays.

But judging by his answer to the question “What are your real buts in TPMP?”Kelly Vedovelli would really be the type “woman to men”. It makes you wonder if she willingly accepts the competition from these ladies, it is true very consistent in this show.

Indeed, even if she does not crepe the chignon with the other columnists, her exclusive preference goes to the boys of the team, and to three of them in particular. She is particularly very close to Benjamin Castaldi, with whom she had shot an advertisement before joining TPMP. Their complicity is such that rumors had circulated for a time, claiming that they were in a relationship. Both had then had to specify that they were only close friends, the former animator living in a relationship with Aurore Aleman.

Bernard Montiel is also one of the favorites of the model and DJ. Their fusional side is so obvious that, as the young woman admitted bluntly last November in TPMP : “He offered to make me a child. He told me one day Kelly, if you have a woman’s body that calls you, I’ll be there for you, I didn’t want children at the base but with you I want one”. If it’s not a declaration of love, it looks like it! Raymond Aabou also joins the top three of Vedovelli’s friends, as evidenced by the tears shed by the sculptural blonde last June, when his great pal was elected favorite columnist of the French after a poll conducted for the magazine TV Magazine. Because, let it be said, Kelly is a real sentimental, which perhaps makes the other columnists of the Hanouna gang cry with rage or jealousy.

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