Kelly Vedovelli: her luxury vacation in Monaco and with the best of companies!

Before the great return of Do not touch My TV on C8 on August 29, the show’s columnists are taking advantage of this break to have a good time… The proof, While Géraldine Maillet is enjoying the charms of Italy and Valérie Benaïm is rediscovering the south of France, Kelly Vedovelli has she decided to temporarily put down her suitcases in Monaco.

After Saint-Raphaël, in the department of Var, it is finally within the principality that the columnist of TPMP has decided to treat herself to a well-deserved little vacation… A few days that she will not spend alone, but of course accompanied by her little dog Rosie!

Via his Instagram story, on Thursday August 4, 2022, Kelly Vedovelli indeed shared a snapshot of his pet while he was comfortably seated on a bed.

A post that the 32-year-old completed by posting Rosier’s Instagram account, “rosielovparis.” An Instagram account where Kelly Vedovelli herself shares the most adorable photos of her little ball of fur that she obviously never leaves!

Never without Rosie

On July 16, via her Instagram feed, Kelly Vedovelli had already posted several photos of her next to her dog ! On the photo in question, Kelly was posing while she was holding “roro” in her arms during a helicopter ride! Too cute pictures!

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Lisa Ziane

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