Kelly Rizzo, Bob Saget’s wife: who is she and Instagram photos

Bob Saget He died this Sunday, January 9, at a hotel in Orlando under circumstances that are not yet known, leaving his current wife, the journalist, influencer and presenter, Kelly Rizzo, 42 years old.

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Kelly Rizzo has a virtual program called Eat Travel Rock TV, in which he usually travels and interview various personalities. Thanks to this space, he has gained more fame in the United States and also some awards and recognitions.

In the same way, he has a web page that he uses as a blog, in which he writes reviews and advice of his travels with the aim of helping all tourists who want to get information before setting out on their way to other cities and countries.

It is worth noting that she has also had several appearances on different television channels, which is why she is fairly well known in her country.

The 65-year-old comedian was found dead inside a hotel room in Orlando (Photo: Bob Saget / Instagram)


In a video posted to her Instagram account, Kelly Rizzo claimed that it was Bob Saget who contacted her through his private Instagram messages in 2015. In other words, he took the first step.

“I think Bob was looking for a nice girl from the Midwest, a girl from Chicago, like me. So she looked at my Instagram and said, ‘Oh, it’s not just selfies and bikinis like she really does things. She has this food program and a travel program. It seems interesting, ‘”he said at the time.

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The couple began dating in 2015 after meeting via Instagram and from there they formed a sentimental relationship that in 2017 would take its next step with the proposal.

It was in 2018 that the couple got married at an event held in San Monica, California, along with their loved ones and very close friends.

Kelly Rizzo and Bob Saget during their marriage in October 2018 (Photo: Kelly Rizzo / Instagram)
Kelly Rizzo and Bob Saget during their marriage in October 2018 (Photo: Kelly Rizzo / Instagram)


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