Kelly Osbourne: So she checked into rehab again

Kelly Osbourne
Back in rehab after four years of sobriety

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Kelly Osbourne checked into rehab again after relapsing into alcohol addiction. In an interview, she talks about the personal reasons that led to the relapse and admits the last amount of alcohol she drank.

Kelly Osbourne, 36, was given the heavy pain reliever vicodin from early childhood, which later led to Percocet and even heroin because it was cheaper for her. The reality star has struggled with addiction problems for decades, but Kelly Osbourne is now open to it and knows that she can’t do it on her own. Kelly has been in public since childhood as the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, 72, and Sharon Osbourne, 69, but life as a child of prominent parents also has a number of downsides.

Kelly Osbourne: Three bottles of champagne and 24 cans of beer a day

As “RadarOnline” reports, Kelly Osbourne herself admitted to having relapsed after four years of abstinence from alcohol and went to a rehab clinic in Austin, Texas. The reasons are said to be in the scandal about her mother Sharon being thrown out of the US show “The Talk”, as well as her father Ozzy’s cruel Parkinson’s disease. Kelly is said to have had the feeling of having lost the ground when she picked up the bottle again, as she confesses in an interview with “The Sun”: “I was alone, sat at a pool and waited for someone to pick me up to join me for a meeting. And I saw this woman and her husband having a glass of champagne. It looked really good and I thought, ‘I can do that too’. The next day I had two glasses The next day there were several bottles. ” The 36-year-old reveals that she recently drank three bottles of champagne and 24 cans of beer a day.

She thanks fans for their support

The decision of the TV star to check into a rehab clinic follows after Kelly had previously revealed on Instagram that she had relapsed. She wrote: “It’s hard for me to talk about, but I’ve relapsed. Not proud of it, but I’m back on track.” Kelly had to realize that she needs professional help again to get her problem under control. She added that she currently takes things “one day at a time” and says she never wants to lie to her fans and always wants to tell the “truth”. “Thank you for your support and love and you will hear from me soon.”

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