Kelly Osbourne: Kelly Osbourne is becoming a mother for the first time

Kelly Osborne
She is expecting her first child

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Surprising news! Kelly Osbourne is pregnant for the first time. The daughter of cult rocker Ozzy Osbourne announced this with ultrasound images on Instagram.

Kelly Osbourne, 37, can hardly believe her luck. The daughter of cult rocker Ozzy Osbourne, 73, and friend Sid Wilson, 45, are expecting their first child. The couple only made their relationship public via Instagram in mid-February this year. Now Kelly reveals that she is pregnant for the first time with two ultrasound images on the social media platform.

Kelly Osbourne becomes a mother for the first time

Kelly Osbourne kisses as she holds the ultrasound image of her little miracle close to the camera. On a second shot, she looks at the photos of her unborn child in love. The 37-year-old wrote: “I know I’ve been very quiet these last few months so I thought I’d let you all know why… I’m so happy to be a mom. To say that I’m happy, that’s not entirely true. I’m overjoyed!”

Within a few seconds, a number of congratulations and red heart emojis from their 2.4 million followers are collected in the comment column.

Love after 23 years of friendship

What takes a long time … In October 2021, Kelly Osbourne separated from her partner Erik Bragg. Just four months later, on Valentine’s Day 2022, she presented her new love “Slipknot” DJ Sid Wilson on Instagram. Under an intimate kissing photo, Kelly reveals that she and her lover have known each other for a considerable time.

“After 23 years of friendship, I can’t believe where we’ve ended up!” Said the British native and continued: “You’re my best friend, my soul mate and I’m so in love with you, Sidney George Wilson.”

Now their first child together crowns the love of the couple. How nice!

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