Keke Palmer: the star of Nope in the new film from the director of Hawkeye

It seems that the love of the fans and its great success are outlining a respectable career for Keke Palmer, now projected towards a new project led by one of the directors of Hawkeye.

This year Keke Palmer he has certainly demonstrated all his talent, both with Nope than with Lightyear – The True Story of Buzz; the current fame of the actress is inevitably intriguing the general public, and these days one name among all hovers in her community: Moxiethe new film directed by one of the directors of the Marvel TV series Hawkeye.

Nopee Keke Palmer Daniel Kaluuya

Nope: Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya in one scene

Based on some recent reports shared by Comickbook, it would seem that Keke Palmer will be involved in a new film that will see one of the two halves of Bert & Bertie at the helm, the duo who previously directed Hawkeye, also participating in the production of the film.

For now, all we know is that Moxie will focus on the story of a foul-mouthed stripper who gets the FBI on fire in a big way when she somehow becomes the top candidate for the groundbreaking Newcomers’ program.

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Among other things, in this period there was also a petition from Marvel fans who would like her in the cast of the future X-Men film as Anna Marie / Rogue. After joking about her on Halloween, the actress confirmed that as of today there is no certainty about it, even though she didn’t draw the part of her at all.

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