Keanu Reeves says he asked the famous for an autograph and received a signature with "vá f f ****"

Keanu Reeves, 57 years old, has also had a relationship with artists and said that he asked for an autograph from one of them, who left a “affectionate” message with the signature. The Matrix star recalled the two times he asked for autographs, one of them being a favor for a friend.

In an interview with the Stephen Colbert, Reeves told which artists he fancied: “Lou Reed. But it wasn’t for me — it was for a friend, and Lou was really nice about it,” he recalled. Rock star Reed passed away in 2013 at the age of 71. “It was on a small piece of paper, and it was blue ink. He just wrote, ‘Lou Reed’.”

“It would have been really disappointing if I hadn’t said ‘Lou Reed,'” the presenter joked. The other artist in question was comedian George Carlin, who died in 2008. “It was wonderful. He gave me his autograph… Can I swear here? It was really funny, because George Carlin wrote: ‘Dear Keanu, go f****’,” he revealed.

Recently, it was reported that the Matrix star proved to be quite generous with his professional representatives by inviting them to the premiere of Matrix: Resurrections, in San Francisco, California, according to sources to the website The Hollywood Reporter.

Keanu invited representatives such as agents, his manager and publicist to attend the premiere of the new feature, in addition to bearing the costs of hotel reservations, a jet, premiere tickets, post-event brunch, and unspecified gifts.

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