Keanu Reeves is the "perfect boyfriend" according to the internet? The actor appreciates

The actor is aware of the chatter around him unleashed on the web in recent years and can’t help but appreciate.

Engaged in the promotional campaign of John Wick 4, Keanu Reeves he couldn’t help but respond to those comments that went viral on the web who named him “Internet’s Boyfriend”.

I really appreciate the kindness of these peoplesaid Reeves — who is currently dating artist Alexandra Grant — when asked about the internet’s obsession with her.

And while the internet may love that Reeves is often photographed doing mundane things, like eating a sandwich alone on a park bench or going to the grocery store, the Matrix star always takes on the challenge of tackling ever more borderline scenes in his action film, as also demonstrated by the upcoming John Wick 4, arriving in theaters on March 23rd. By the way, look at his Rotten Tomatoes score so far.

I like the challenges, the intensity and the noise“, he said. “So I’m definitely not the type to go to the beaches“.

John Wick 4, the director: “Finding new action sequences for Keanu Reeves was very difficult”

For the new film, Reeves recently said he trained for months to prepare. “John Wick 4 was the most physically difficult role I’ve ever had in my career so far“, he told Total Film in an interview.

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