Keanu Reeves is the author of a comic that will come to Netflix as a movie


Keanu Reeves is the author of BRZRKR, a comic “gory”, with references to his career in the world of the seventh art that will be adapted by Netflix. Safety pin!

Keanu Reeves
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Keanu Reeves He has an extensive career in Hollywood with roles of different kinds, but it is true that the actor made himself a prominent place among the most important names in the action genre. Matrix, John Wick Y Limit Point realize the ability of this talented performer for kicks, punches and shots. Now Reeves’ taste for these contents transcended the big screen and reached the vignettes.

The renowned actor is the author of a graphic novel “gory” titled BRZRKR alongside Matt Kindt and cartoonist Ron Garney. This story turned out to be an absolute success in the United States where it sold some 600,000 copies and also caught the attention of Netflix which will produce an animated series and a movie based on the title with the same Keanu Reeves of protagonist. Awesome!

Keanu Reeves in another medium


“I saw the image of a guy who punched another guy through the chest and out through his back, ripping off his arms… I don’t know why, but it occurred to me”Neo’s interpreter confessed about this story of 12 volumes that have unusual violence while developing the story of 80,000-year-old immortal who made a deal with the US military to become a killing machine in exchange for his mortality being restored.

On some occasions the memories assail B.with flashbacks to other times in the history of mankind, a little what happens with Connor Macleod of highlander in the first entry of the film of the most famous immortal of the seventh art, played by Christopher Lambert in the 1980s. Was it an inspiration for the most violent BRZRKR?

The truth is that this graphic novel gory takes inspiration from the career of its author, Keanu Reeveswith nods to movies like the celebrated franchise John Wick or the science fiction classic Matrix. To cite an example, B. He takes a two-color pill in the best Neo style as part of the treatment that seeks to restore his mortality. “It’s a bit meta-referential”concluded the actor in the presentation of the comic.

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