Kawardha News: Rajput Kshatriya Samaj Muktidham will be beautified: Napa President Rishi

Kawardha. Municipality President Rishi Kumar Sharma inspected the Rajput Kshatriya Samaj Muktidham located in Transport Nagar on Monday along with the officials of Rajput Samaj and the Municipality team. During this, the Mayor directed the officers to take necessary action for the upgradation and beautification of Muktidham.

For the beautification and upgradation work of Rajput Kshatriya Samaj Muktidham, on Monday, Municipality President Rishi Kumar Sharma inspected Muktidham along with senior members of Rajput society and inspected it. While directing the Executive Engineer MLKurre, he said that the project should be prepared for the upgradation work of Muktidham. Inside Muktidham, install shady trees all around while maintaining dilapidated shed, tap connection, repairing of old platform. While making proper arrangements for bathing of the bereaved families coming to Muktidham, he directed to include bathing place, drinking water system, pipeline system, building repair and other works in the project. During this, Chairman Bhikham Kosale, Alderman Zakir Chauhan, Former Municipal President Anil Singh, Former Alderman Kalyan Singh Thakur, Executive Engineer ML Kurre, Deputy Engineer Virendra Navaghare were present along with the Municipality President.

Work going on in the graveyard and Muktidham

Municipality President Sharma informed that the development of the city is being done under the guidance of cabinet minister and Kawardha MLA Mohammad Akbar. He has also directed for the development of Muktidham of the city. Even before this, funds have been received from the government for the development and upgradation of small graveyards and Lohara Marg and Bhoramdev Marg Muktidham, whose work has already started.

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