Kawardha News: Chit fund applications in cold storage

Kawardha (Representative of New Zealand). Chit fund applications in the district have now gone into cold storage. In fact, till now the collectorate information has not been sent from any tehsil office. It is being told that the revenue department is struggling due to shortage of staff, due to which the entry work is stuck. More than 39 thousand people have applied in the district in the hope of getting refund of Rs. Till August 20, applications were taken in the Tehsil office. Chit fund investors will have to face problems due to the delay. According to the information, the applications submitted by the investors were to be entered in the Tehsil offices. Along with online entry, the administration had to prepare a separate list of names of chit fund companies. Through this, the assets of chit fund companies will be checked. Its report was also to be known to the state government, which has not happened till now.

Could not even make list of chit fund companies

Along with the entry of applications, a list of chit fund companies had to be made, but could not make it. The list will show that in how many companies in the district the investors have deposited the amount. Under this list, the information about the immovable properties of the companies was to be taken. So far, the list of chit fund companies has not been prepared and given to the state government and district administration. After this work, the process of chit fund case will proceed. The problem is that this work was not properly monitored at the district level.

The company ran away after depositing Rs.

People have deposited crores of rupees in various chit fund companies. The companies ran away instead of returning the money to the investors. On the instructions of the government, applications were invited from investors by the administration for the refund of the amount lost in chit fund companies. A system was made by the district administration to collect the applications of investors in all the tehsil offices.

All types of information to be entered

The name and address of the chit fund company in which the amount has been deposited, date of deposit, date of maturity, other documents attached by the investors with the application are also to be entered. Three to four applications have been submitted from many investors. Many investors have given incomplete information regarding the amount deposited.

Was asked to send figures till 22: Mustafa

District Treasury Officer Mustafa Khan said- About 39 thousand applications have come in the district. Applications are accepted till 20 August. After this, we had asked all the Tehsil offices of the district to send the correct figures by August 22. But till now no information has been sent to any office. In view of this, a reminder has been sent again. –

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