kavita kaushik ganesh chaturthi: Kavita Kaushik has celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi this year first time since the death of her father: Kavita Kaushik was angry with Bhole Shankar, so she did not bring Bappa to her home

While Bollywood and TV celebrities are seen engrossed in Bappa’s devotion at the Ganpati festival, ‘FIR’ actress Kavita Kaushik was angry with God for the last 5 years. The reason was the death of Kavita’s father. Kavita was so saddened by this incident that she stopped bringing Bappa into the house on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Not only this, for this untoward incident in her life, she used to fight with Lord Shankar in her mind. She would even tell him that when he snatched his father from him, she would also not worship his son. He himself has told these things in a post.

Shweta has now kept Ganpati after 5 years and has narrated her story. In the pictures shared by Shweta, the first picture is with husband Ronit Biswas and in other pictures Bharti Singh, Kapil Sharma and his wife Ginni Chatrath are seen. Kavita went to Kapil Sharma’s house and saw Ganpati there too.

Kavita wrote in this post, ‘Some things that ended with the death of my father in the year 2016, I stopped bringing Bappa home. Maybe I was fighting with my Mahadev saying – You took my dad away from me, I will not love your son. I have lost that fire of getting something, that enthusiasm, the goal is all gone, but the God who made us, he also takes us out from the barriers we have created.

Kavita-Kaushik with Bharti Singh

He further wrote, ‘Can’t thank God for the step I have got love, I never thought that I would get the love and care my father used to do again. After a break of 5 years, we have brought Bappa to our new home. At the end of this post, he has thanked his friends for making this occasion special.

Kavita-Kaushik with Kapil sharma

Kavita Kaushik, who ruled the hearts of the audience for almost 9 years with the role of Haryanvi Police Inspector in the comedy show ‘FIR’, has become a part of the TV show ‘Lakshmi Ghar Aai’ these days.

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