Katja K. has starred in ‘Friends’: Still making money

‘I’ll be there for you…’ – and that was Katja K.

Katja K., who goes by the real name Sussi La Cour, has starred in the iconic comedy series ‘Friends’.

She tells that in Radio 24Syv radio program ‘Tsunami’.

“It’s simply because I worked with Wicked Pictures, and for a split second, or is it three or four seconds, from that scene they had then sold to ‘Friends’,” says Sussi La Cour, who at the same time also reveals, that she has received royalties for it.

Because the 54-year-old former porn star actually still receives money from the show when it runs across the screen on one of its many reruns.

However, Sussi La Cour does not reveal in the program how much she has earned and still earns from her participation.

Sussi La Cours, Katja K, appeared on the screens in the porn industry from 1997 to 2000, but even though she has said goodbye to that industry, it is not completely abandoned.

In August, the 54-year-old revealed that she was making a comeback to the erotic world on Only Fans.

You can see or watch Katja K’s participation in Friends below:

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