Katie filmed her ‘neighbor from hell’ in a bad way: ‘She better stay away this time’ (video)

Katie Trueman, a Briton, is very upset against her “neighbor from hell”. And she has good reasons, since the latter has… torn off her entire fence!

The war between Katie and her neighbor began when, one windy day, a piece of Katie’s fence accidentally landed in her neighbor’s garden. Furious, the neighbor went to Katie’s house to tear down her entire fence!

On TikTok, Katie also shared the images showing her neighbor destroying the fence. In a rage, Katie called the police, but was told nothing could be done for her.

A few weeks later, Katie and her family decided to repair the fence destroyed by the wind and by the hands of the neighbor. But that only added fuel to the fire! According to information from The Sun, Katie’s neighbor started painting her side of the fence, which caused Katie to spill paint. The latter then asked her neighbor to stop her paint strokes. But the neighbor preferred to push the quarrel even further by “throwing paint and water over the fence”.

After complaining several times to the council, the local authority ended up installing new concrete posts and protection boards to avoid any further disputes between the neighbours. Katie then proudly shared a photo of the new fence: “After their smashing frenzy and getting away with nothing, the council put this together. She better stay away this time.”

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