Kátia Aveiro “pecks” Portuguese artists: “No one gives a hand to anyone…”

Kátia Aveiro has been living in Brazil for several years now, but she doesn’t forget her origins, and she gives her opinion about what is going on here.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister, who never gave up her dream of asserting herself in the musical sphere, resorted to social media days after having been working in Madeira, where she surprised her mother, to leave a message for Portuguese artists.

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The singer was disappointed with the fact that there was no mutual help in the community, and explained: “Message for Portuguese artists… in several areas. Rivalries, nobody, or almost nobody, gives a hand to anybody. One wants to be more than the other and here’s an example of what it’s like to be a ladder and give a helping hand”, starts by writing.

“The sun was up for everyone, but being a partner and supporting is for a few, it belongs to great people. The secret to success is this. The more you hold your hand, the more you will be deserving of success”, can still read.

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