Kate Moss: “When at 15 the photographer asked me to take off my bra I ran away”

“He told me: take off your shirt. I took it off, I was very shy, full of insecurities about my body. Then she said to me: take off your bra. And I felt inside that something was wrong, so I took my things and ran away. Now I can distinguish from a distance who is good and who is not ”. The model Kate Moss, 48, in an interview with the BBC for the radio program Desert Island Disc, also recounts this episode relating to the beginnings of a career that would later become unstoppable. Blonde, thin (“I’ve never been anorexic during photo shoots they didn’t give us food“) And the model was a bold girl who was insecure and when asked if she had” objectified “, the answer was:”Yes, completely. And vulnerable, terrified“.

Furthermore, Moss didn’t think she was particularly beautiful: “I didn’t think I had the necessary skills. I would never have told anyone I want to be a model, because it would have seemed a vain attitude, that is to say, I think I am beautiful which I never thought of instead “. And after all, she says, the same mother did not consider her suitable: “You don’t seem particularly photogenic to me”. Instead, her career has been full of contracts and success.

A cover life that did not spare her even a first page to forget about the Mirroe: in 2005 his photo while consuming cocaine went around the world. The controversy that followed smacked of “hypocrisy. Everyone I knew was taking cocaine ”pointing out that it was“ used as a scapegoat ”. Moss also answered a question about ex-boyfriend Johnn Depp – starring with ex-wife Amber Heard in a dramatic civil libel trial. To those who interviewed her she replied that she had testified in her favor because “I believe in truth and justice. I know the truth about Johnny. I know he never kicked me or pushed me down the stairs ”.

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