Kate Moss, from difficult beginnings to the cocaine scandal. The supermodel talks about herself without filters

From the beginning, when she felt “vulnerable and terrified” through beauty, fame and problems with drugs up to the defense of her ex. The supermodel Kate Mosstoday the splendid 48-year-old still the main protagonist of the catwalks, as well as the owner of her own fashion agency, has granted a rare interview to the radio program “Desert Island Discs”Of the BBC where he also told the beginnings of his career.

The supermodel was spotted by a talent scout at the age of 14 and then hired by modeling agency Storm in 1988. The early years weren’t easy, including uncomfortable situations and disreputable people, such as during a shooting for one intimate campaign in 1989. “I was 15 and the photographer said to me: ‘take off your shirt’. I took it off, I was very shy, full of insecurities about my body. Then he said to me: ‘take off your bra‘. And I felt inside that something was wrong, so I took my things and I ran away” tells. And he adds: “Now I can distinguish from a distance who is good and who is not”And makes sure that the models of his agency, including his daughter Lila Grace, are not in these situations and always have an agent with them on set. “I told her she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to do” he explains talking about Lila, “if you don’t want to do this shoot, if you don’t feel comfortable, if you don’t want to be a model, don’t do it”.

Kate Moss with daughter Lila Grace (Instagram)

Remembering the famous Calvin Klein campaign (which made her an undisputed icon) by posing with Mark Wahlberg in 1992, Moss admits her frailties as a young girl feeling “objectified, vulnerable and terrified“. Insecurity also fueled by the mother that she didn’t think was photogenic. “I didn’t think I had the necessary skills. I would never have told anyone I want to be a model, because it would have seemed a vain attitude, that is to say, I think I’m beautiful, which instead I never thought “says the model who heard her mother Linda say”you don’t look particularly photogenic to me“.

If the images of the Calvin Klein campaign remained legendary, the experience was difficult, so much so that before the topless photo shoot, Moss was forced to take the valium and subsequently suffered from a nervous breakdown.

The poster of the famous Calvin Klein campaign where Kate Moss poses with Mark Wahlberg in 1992
The poster of the famous Calvin Klein campaign where Kate Moss poses with Mark Wahlberg in 1992

During the interview she did not hold back even in the face of questions about cocaine scandal which overwhelmed her in 2005, making the myth waver (after rehab in Arizona and the mea culpa she resumed the scenes). “I felt bad and was quite angry. Everyone I knew was on drugsI thought it was really hypocritical to focus on me and try to take my daughter away from me “he says, defining himself”scapegoat for many people’s problems“. Today he is a fan of meditation and feeds his ‘gardening obsession’ daily on his country estate in the Cotswold. “I don’t like being out of control anymore, I like to go to bed early and meditate before anyone gets up. I like being in control, ”admits the supermodel.
On the alleged episode of domestic violence suffered by Johnny Deppher boyfriend from 1994 to 1998, and summoned up during the recent libel trial brought by the Hollywood star against his ex-wife Amber Heard, the top of Croydon intervened reiterating that she was not pushed down the stairs by the actor during a vacation in Jamaica, “I believe in truth and I believe in justice”.

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