Kate Middleton and William: You’ll Never Guess the HALLUCINATING Prize for Charlotte and William’s New School!

Even the children of a royal family must put aside their holidays to devote themselves to their studies. Indeed, in a few weeks, Charlotte and Louis will be putting on their schoolbags to follow a new year of schooling in a prestigious establishment. When they are not there, Kate Middleton and William will be able to count on a trusted person to take care of their education: Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, the nanny who sometimes takes care of the three most scrutinized toddlers in the kingdom.

Moreover, this one will have to follow a precise rule so as not to get Kate and William out of their hinges. Indeed, Louise Heren, in charge of a documentary devoted to the university where Maria comes from (Norland College of Bath), revealed the rule in question imposed on the nanny. The latter should never pronounce the word “Kids” in the presence of children. “Kids” having a negative connotation, according to the royal couple. George, Charlotte and Louis will therefore have to be called “children”, or simply by their first name.

A school that few people can afford

It remains to be seen whether they will be entitled to the same qualifier at Lambrook School in Berkshire. And when we know the amount that will have to spend the one who has adopted a perfect look for this summer and her companion, we can suspect that the names should be as prestigious as the establishment in which their children will be.

“£4,389 per term for Prince Louis, £6,448 per term for Princess Charlotte and £6,999 per term for Prince George”indicate our colleagues from Cosmopolitan. Our colleagues add that to these costs, 2000 pounds are added so that “the children can take advantage of the boarding school which operates in a flexible way and will allow the children to stay on site when their parents travel. That is 59,508 pounds, the equivalent of 70,000 euros per year!”. A colossal sum that Kate Middleton and William can probably afford.

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