Kate Candela and Daniela Darcourt will participate in the First Festival of Salsa and Cumbia

Kate Candela, one of the best exponents of Peruvian salsa, is one of the invited artists this Saturday, November 19, for the First Salsa and Cumbia Festival, to be held at the Dionys Arena.

The beautiful salsa singer will be together with renowned artists such as Daniela Darcourt, Vernis Hernández, La Primerísima del Perú, Zona Libre, Combinación de La Habana, the former Son Tentación Angie Chávez, Son Habana, Internacional Mangú, Son Calidad, Katy Yáñez and Gaela Son.

Kate Candela arrives with her best hits for this special night, including those that highlight her songs: “Señora”, “Elegiste Engañarme”, “Dicen”, “Tu Falta de Querer”, “Te juro que te amo”, “Ya you don’t live in me”, among other hits by the renowned salsa singer.

“Tonight I arrive with a varied repertoire and to share good music with my musical colleagues, in this first festival of salsa and cumbia, an unforgettable night this November 19, you cannot miss it”, stated Kate Candela.

The First Festival of Cumbia and Salsa promises a night of lots of music since both genres are the most listened to and preferred in Peru.

The appointment is this Saturday, November 19 at the Dionys Arena, located at Carretera Central Km 9.6, in Ate. Tickets can be purchased at Teleticket or by calling 933398782.

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