Kate Bush: Singer gives first interview in years

Kate Bush
Singer gives first interview in years

Kate Bush is number one in the UK Singles Chart.

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Kate Bush is experiencing new fame thanks to Stranger Things. Now the singer gave her first interview in years.

Kate Bush (63) is overwhelmed by her newfound success thanks to “Stranger Things”. The song “Running Up That Hill” by the British singer plays a major role in the fourth season of the Netflix series. Since the release of the episodes, not only has the series reached number one on the Netflix charts, Bush’s song has now even made it to number one on the UK singles chart – 37 years after its release. She gave a first interview to BBC 4 radio for years.

“The whole world has gone mad”

“It’s just extraordinary,” said the musician. Although she expected the song to “get a little attention”, she could not have imagined the ultimate reaction from the audience. “It’s so exciting. But it’s also pretty shocking, isn’t it? I mean, the whole world has gone crazy,” joked the 63-year-old in the interview.

Gen Z has discovered Kate Bush

Kate Bush also finds it “wonderful” that her music has reached a “completely new target group”. She was alluding to the fact that young people in particular who consider themselves part of Gen Z are celebrating the song on social media. “The thought of all these extremely young people hearing and discovering the song for the first time is, well, very special,” Bush said.

Warning, spoilers!

In “Stranger Things,” Kate Bush’s song helps character Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink, 20) escape the curse of the cruel Vecna. “I think they put it in a very special place,” she said when asked if it meant anything to her that the song helped a female character. “I thought what a wonderful way to use the song in such a positive way,” she added. The song is a “kind of talisman for Max” and that is “very moving,” Bush said.

“Stranger Things 4” was split into two parts. The second part of the fourth season, consisting of two episodes, is available on Netflix from July 1st.


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