Kate Beckinsale likes it: Madonna (almost) naked in bed – and underneath

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Kate Beckinsale likes it
Madonna (almost) naked in bed – and underneath

The Queen of Pop is once again following her exhibitionistic urge. So she presents a new edition of “In Bed with Madonna” on social networks. Or should it actually be “Under the Bed with Madonna”? In any case, Kate Beckinsale has fun with the photos.

It’s been 30 years since Madonna caused gasps with her documentary “In Bed with Madonna”. After all, the pop star presented himself in plenty of revealing and not entirely youth-free poses. At the time, the singer was in her early 30s and the undisputed Queen of Pop on the planet.

Today Madonna is 63. But her sometimes exhibitionistic urge is still there. She now presents proof of this on her Instagram page. The singer posted a series of photos showing her almost naked. Well, a pair of fishnet tights, high heels, tight briefs and a bra that hardly deserves its name function as a thin screen.

Heavenly Action?

Nevertheless, the viewers get to see a lot. Madonna even ignores Instagram’s strict nipple ban in a picture. Her nipple clearly shows in the snapshot.

“In Bed with Madonna reloaded” could be written about this photo series. However, not every scene actually takes place in bed. Madonna also poses in front of the bunk and even below it. In one picture she is lying on her stomach on the floor. Her upper body is under the bed, only her buttocks and her spread legs jump towards you.

“Angel watching over me” is Madonna’s short and cryptic comment on the photos, which also show a putti on the wall. How heavenly you find the action, everyone has to decide for themselves.

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Actress Kate Beckinsale at least enjoyed it. She posted a chat history with her daughter Lily Mo Sheen on her Instagram page.

The conversation started with the said photo of Madonna under the bed. The Hollywood star sent this to his daughter saying, “Do you think it’s about me posting this? The thing is, my bum looks good.”

“Your own mother’s anus”

Lily Mo Sheen reacted quite confused. “I have to say that I’m a little confused. I think that’s a little too much, but also quite artistic,” was her spontaneous response.

Beckinsale then explained: “This is Madonna.” And she was jokingly angry: “I can’t believe that you don’t recognize your own mother’s anus under the bed.”

The daughter of the 48-year-old “Underworld” star was quite relieved. “I’m crying tears of joy right now. It’s not about being ashamed if you had posted that, but I would be worried.”

Madonna, on the other hand, seems alien to such concerns. So she also manages to draw attention to herself again in any case. By the way, what their children think about it has not yet been passed down.

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