Kat Torres arrives in Brazil to be arrested after spending time in jail in the US

The name of Kat Torres, 34, went viral on social media after the influencer was accused of embezzlement and human trafficking. The controversy even involved the name of Yasmin Brunet. On Saturday (19), Kat was sent to a penitentiary in Belo Horizonte to serve preventive detention.

In addition to the arrest, the court also issued a search and seizure warrant, as well as a breach of telephone secrecy. Kat Torres would have invited young people to work as nannies in the United States. Once there, the girls were subjected to work in conditions analogous to slavery. Kat Torres was arrested in the United States in early November.

Yasmin Brunet was involved in the story of Kat Torres

It all started when Yasmin Brunet became interested in a story that was gaining on the internet. That’s because netizens noticed the disappearance of Letícia Maia, a former model who moved to the United States. The girl’s parents even called the police and noticed that their daughter’s photos were on prostitution websites – which could be proof that the case was about human trafficking.

According to the allegations, Letícia’s parents believed that their daughter was being held captive by Kat Torres, a Brazilian digital influencer who offered jobs in the United States. In addition to Letícia, a young woman named Desirrê Freitas was also being held captive.

After Yasmin Brunet showed concern in the live messages, the transmission was ended. From that, Letícia started to accuse the model on the web. After the accusations, Yasmin Brunet filed a complaint with the Brazilian police.

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