Kasia Smutniak sides with Emma Bonino: “Rights in danger, it’s time to choose”

Rights in danger“. It is the actress’s alarm cry Kasia Smutniak (43 years old) who on social media takes a clear position in view of the political elections of 25 September, siding with Emma Bonino

From abortion to the Zan bill: in a long post thePolish actress and model naturalized Italian expresses all his concern. “In recent years, months, days I have seen with my own eyes how easy it is lose those rights that until recently I took for granted. The freedom of choice of who I am, how I would like to be, what to do with my body, the possibility of dreaming of the best future for my children… everything seems to me in danger ”writes Smutniak. And she explains the reasons. “Just look at the facts: the loss of the right to abortion last year in my Poland, and a few months ago in the United States, the construction of the wall between Poland and Belarus, the denial of the right to asylum and the main human rights with the shameful practice of rejections, the loneliness and desperation of Afghan women locked up at home by the regime and forgotten by us overnight, the applause in the Senate when the Zan Bill was rejected, and this electoral campaign made up of screams that are scary … The list is too long. And patience is scarce now ”.

The photomontage with which Kasia Smutniak openly sides with Emma Bonino (Instagram)

So the actress gives her endorsement to Emma Bonino so much that her social outburst is accompanied by a photomontage with a shot from 1978, with a woman in the square showing a sign: “We all had abortions. We want the trial“. And, next to it, a photo of Bonino from 2022, also with a sign in her hands: “We have all had abortions. Now is the process starting again? “.

Polish-born Italian actress and model Kasia Smutniak (Instagram)
Polish-born Italian actress and model Kasia Smutniak (Instagram)

The former partner of Pietro Taricone and today the wife of the producer Domenico Procacci, then goes into the details of his support for the leader of + Europe. “When I met Emma Bonino last year, we confronted each other on abortion theme, trying to highlight the law 194, which exists in Italy and protects the choice of women, but in fact is hardly applied. We also talked about many other things. For me it was an important meeting. I strongly believe in what Emma does, I really like the strength with which she defends her ideas of her and fights her battles, on her skin. Watching what happens without taking a stand is no longer possible. In a few days Italy will have to choose which side to take. And I’m on Emma’s side ”writes the actress, taking sides openly. On the other hand, Smutniak has always taken the field when it came to defending rights, linked in particular to women and the female universe. In 2020 she openly expressed her disagreement with her when the Constitution Court of Poland declared abortion illegal, even in the case of malformation of the fetus. “I look at my country with horror”She wrote on social media, defining herself incredulous about the many steps backwards made by a civil state.

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