Karoline Lima: learn details of the apartment where the influencer moved after a pension agreement with Éder Militão

After moving to Brazil with her daughter, Karoline Lima found an apartment to live in São Paulo. With Cecília’s pension agreement determining that Éder Militão would pay only 25% of the property’s rent, the influencer have to pay about R$ 30,000 a month to pay the rent.

The apartment has more than 350 square meters, the gourmet area, closet and a window with a privileged view. According to the settlement in court, Éder pays only R$ 10,000 from where his daughter lives. In addition, the player also pays a pension of BRL 7,272 for her daughter’s food, in addition to paying all the costs of her education.

Karoline Lima gets emotional on her daughter’s birthday

Cecília’s fourth birthday was already celebrated in Brazil. On the occasion, Karoline Lima moved her followers by publishing a text about the moment. “In these hours I find myself thinking about how blessed I am to be the mother of this little being. So small and so strong, Cecília has already lived so much with me!“, he declared.

🇧🇷Cecilia has a much greater purpose than I can imagine. But if I can make a guess, that purpose would be to give me life,” continued Karoline, who concluded: “Funny that they say I gave you life. Ironic. Cecília is my biggest source of love”, wrote the influencer, who already has her first Brazilian crush in sight.

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