Karlito Perché, the barbecue on the roof of the MOB Hotel

By Manon C. Published on June 16, 2022 at 7:16 p.m.

A barbecue on a roof? It’s possible ! Head to the MOB Hotel in Saint-Ouen to discover Karlito Perché and his huge brazier on the rooftop!

We told you not long ago about Karlito, the restaurant of the MOB Hotel. Discover now the italian canteen in summer format, with Karlito Perchethe barbecue on the roofs of the hotel !

Until next July 31, head to rooftop of the MOB Hotel Paris les Puces to meet up, with friends or family, around the huge brazier placed in the middle of vegetable garden. Every Saturday and every Sunday, an appointment is given to share a barbecue basket made up of grilled meats – beef, merguez sausage and vegetable skewers -, and entries and desserts picnic style.

The little bonus? It is you and you alone who cook your own grills ! Put them on the brazier under the watchful eye of a member of the team Karlitoand as soon as they are ready, the party is on!

At lunch and dinnercount 50€ for the BBQ basket for two people, and 70€ for the BBQ basket for two people, accompanied by a bottle of pink to toast on sunny days! Happy grilling with friends!

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