Karine Le Marchand upset: six months after the death of Rose, she pays him a beautiful tribute in his new house

She started the eco-responsible renovation of her house 9 months ago and Karine Le Marchand is already planting trees around her home in the South, the Domaine des Bellesâmes. And if she has set herself two years of work before moving in, her little corner of paradise already looks great! And for good reason, she is already planting pretty trees all around the estate. Trees that will have a beautiful meaning for her and those who will be lucky enough to be invited!

“Our little Rose got run over last night

Last week, she explained to her fans on Instagram: “that’s it, my pines are planted, my twisted trees, which tell their story, but which are not the ones everyone wants. I love you, so happy, welcome”. This July 29, the planting continues with the host of M6. While she has just shared new stories of the progress, she paid a beautiful tribute to her best friend, disappeared…

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Last January, heartbroken, the presenter of “Love is in the meadow“revealed to his fans on the Web about the little dog who kept him company:Our little Rose got run over last night. It was our little ray of sunshine. We are very sad. So. That’s life”. A beautiful tribute to which is added this Friday…

“It was my little dog’s little stuffed animal

In story, Karine Le Marchand explained that she intended to plant one tree per soul at home. “Each tree will have the name of a person I love” she specifies, without saying if the living will also be honored. For her adorable ball of fur, in any case, Karine Le Marchand organized a small express ceremony. She specifies: “Here, we made the hole for the pin, and I’m going to put in the hole before, it was my little dog’s little stuffed animal, Rose, so it always does something. So. As it’s called the Domaine des Bellesâmes, rest in peace my little darling that I love“.


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