Karine Le Marchand talks about her libido and the passage of time, in a funny way on Instagram!

Time passes and no one can stop it. Although many people would like to stop it, or return to certain past periods, it is a phenomenon that no one can control and Karine Le Marchand seems to deeply regret it. Especially since the more the years pass, and the more time acts on his libido according to his last Instagram post.

A way for the facilitator toM6 to talk about fun topics rather than making sad announcements as was the case on June 10th. Indeed, the sidekick of Stéphane Plaza wrote a long text to share a news that saddened him to the highest point. “Saturday will be La der des ders! After two wonderful years on @rtl_france with my @lolobababa and my @jean.fi, here is the last show of ‘We don’t answer anymore for anything’!”she announced to her community, no doubt with a heavy heart.

Problems in bed?

Karine Le Marchand, not failing to thank her teams and RTL for the trust they had placed in him over the past two years. “Thank you to all the listeners, more and more numerous (+40% in one year), you are wonderfully loyal and I am very lucky to have your membership. Thank you very much to all the artists and personalities who accepted to entrust their flaws, their fragility, their doubts, their joys, their childhood dreams and their adult hopes. Your confidence honors me and makes me grow.”she concluded.

And if the host will no longer host her show We don’t answer anything anymore, she can at least take the opportunity to rest and devote a little more time to her private life. And speaking of private life, the pretty brunette made a hilarious, but also sad, observation last weekend. The latter publishing a post in which she repeated the following statement: “20 years ago I said ‘I’m awesome in bed’ now I say ‘awesome, I’m in bed'”. A situation that Karine Le Marchand must obviously not be the only one to know over time.

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