Karine Le Marchand elected favorite animator of the French: she settles her accounts with the stars "jealous" and the "sterile wickedness" !

Every semester, our colleagues from TV Magazine carry out a survey designating the favorite animators of the French. For the third consecutive time in a year, Stéphane Plaza, the most famous real estate agent of the PAF finds himself at the top of the ranking. Before him, only Michel Cymes had done better between 2018 and 2020. “Stéphane is appreciated because he is nice and people need to have a big brother, a friend, a companion… He is close to them and he’s the opposite of a pretentious person. He’s part of the public’s family,” says Nicolas de Tavernost, boss of the M6 ​​group.

If the resident of the Big Heads can be satisfied to know that he is still so much appreciated by viewers, he can also rejoice for his great friend Karine Le Marchand, also elected once again favorite host of the French. The iconic face of L’amour est dans le pré is similarly seduced by its naturalness and its proximity to the speakers on its shows.

On her Instagram account, the sprightly fifties wanted to thank the voters. “Olalalala thank you. I’m super happy to be voted France’s favorite host in this @tvmagfr poll!“, she declares before delivering a more personal message: “To be respectful of those who entrust me with their story, never to judge, to love without restraint, to transmit joy and hope, to give armfuls of this positive energy that I am lucky to have in me, to open my arms and my heart , ignoring sterile jealousy and wickedness, exploring the world and always moving forward, with enthusiasm, to keep my happiness without losing my freedom: this is what your loyalty and your tenderness allow me to pursue every day.

The M6 ​​host concludes by sending thanks and congratulations of course to his friend Stéphane Plaza: “Thank you from the heart. And congratulations to all my friends from the @m6officiel group who are also in the hearts of the French, @cyril_lignac @chef.etchebest, Julien Courbet, and in Number One my @stephaneplaza.off who deserves it so much!



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