Karine Lalieux, Federal Minister for Pensions: “Pensioners are offended by the bashing against them”

What do you do on Sunday?

“I go for walks and I often go to see an exhibition… On Sundays at the end of the day, I sometimes pick up files. On Saturdays, I chat with citizens in the markets and flea markets. »

You were born in Anderlecht…

“I was only once at the Anderlecht stadium and I was invited. I have always been a supporter of the Union with my dad, who was a teacher at Saint-Gilles… All this well before the current success at the top of the championship. »

Are you still going there?

“Obviously, I have my season ticket. It is an extraordinary adventure. »

You haven’t changed since the beginning of your career?

“I am told that I have remained the same with the same convictions. During the pension reform, when it was very difficult with the partners, my man told me “go for a walk in the Marolles. I met workers and shopkeepers there… I regained my energy there to continue discussions with the government on the reform. »

Do you also continue to fight for single-parent women in particular?

“We have a coaching program to enable them to return to work. We are going to follow 1,000 women a year within the CPAS so that they regain their confidence and the path to work. It’s a chance for their child too if their mother resumes a career. Finally, they will have a better pension too. »

How do you deal with aggression on social networks?

“I prefer real life on the pitch. It is not by looking at social networks that we see what people are going through. Me, I don’t live daily the difficulties that people live today, so I have to go and meet them. »

A word on the Good Move plan?

“There always needs to be a participatory process. Good Move poses fewer problems in Brussels than in municipalities far from the centre. We must give time to time and respect the difficulties of people such as suppliers, traders and small independents. I remember no one wanted the pedestrian. We took the time. It’s much better today. We must remain attentive to transit traffic… and obviously, there is a political manipulation of the situation in certain places. »


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