Kareen Guiock au naturel: On social networks, Lilian Thuram’s darling appears as we have never seen her before

For Father’s Day, Kareen Guiock, like millions of people, paid tribute to her father on Sunday, June 19. “He calls me ‘My twin’. Everything is said. Happy birthday to my darling Dad, and to all the dads in the world. The torrents of love with which you cover your children are worth all the gold in the world. Happy Father’s Day. fathers also to mothers who raise their children on their own!” In the photo, we saw the journalist from M6 naturally alongside his father.

Difficult beginnings on M6

A few days ago, the darling of Lilian Thuram spoke in the Women of TV podcast. The opportunity for her to return to her debut on the six. In 2001, she was a columnist for the magazine turbo and above all the only woman in the editorial staff. A situation far from simple for her. “I was fiercely opposed to quotas, in particular because I suffered from a suspicion of incompetence because in the end I was assimilated to a form of quota”she explained. “Besides, I also suffered it when I was at Turbo, because I was the only woman in the editorial staff. In everyday life, people imagined that I was at Turbo only because I was a girl. and not because I was competent”she recalled bitterly.

She went on to say: “When you’re in a minority situation, you think you’re there because you tick a box. That’s why I was against quotas. And then in fact, history shows that you can’t not do otherwise. As in politics or women’s quotas have made it possible to increase the share of women. We will not have a choice. If there is no pressure, an incentive from the legislator, how can we what changes?”

In addition to 12:45 and 19:45, Kareen Guiock takes care ofOne day, a doc broadcast in the afternoons instead of romantic comedies.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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