KARD B-Sides that will help you learn more about the mixed group

The South Korean group KARD is very popular in Latin America. Made up of two boys and two girls, their songs have caught thousands with electronic and somewhat Latin rhythms. If you want to know more about them, these songs that were not the main singles will delight you. And who knows, maybe they will convince you to attend their tour of Latin America.

K.A.R.D. debuted in 2016 with a group of four members, of which two are women and two are men. Concept that attracted a lot of attention, since most K-Pop groups only have members of a single gender. In addition to that, his songs They have an electropop style with Latin touches that fascinated the public.

KARD. // Source: Twitter @KARD_Official

After two years of hiatus in which J.Seph completed his mandatory military service, KARD is back stronger than ever with a new comeback and world tour in which they will perform in several Latin American countries. If you don’t know them yet, these songs from the group are perfect to completely fall in love with them.

The KARD group has become very loved in Latin America for being a group that constantly visits these countries, either for tours or fanmeetings. Similarly, they have never stopped expressing their admiration for the Latin culture.

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KARD B-Sides Songs That Will Become Your Favorites

HOLD ON belongs to their first single called Way With Words. It is a nostalgic song about waiting for a love that has left and how the person does not lose hope of recovering all their good times together.

This powerful song by BM and J.Seph talks about how tired they feel towards society and how they just want everything to burn. This song is from their 4th mini album called RED MOON and it shows a furious and powerful style.

This song belongs to their third mini album Ride on the Wind, an electropop song that talks about a hopeful love, a sweet relationship of a couple that has big dreams and even feels like traveling straight to the moon.

From their first mini album ‘Hola Hola’, this song has a touch of electronica with pop, which goes perfectly with J.Seph and BM’s rapping. The song talks about how despite the problems they have come to face in the past, they look forward to the future and will continue to move forward without getting tired.

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Which countries will KARD visit on their Latin American tour?

KARD will visit several Latin American countries as part of their WILD KARD 2022 world tour. They will be in Chile on July 27, in Mexico on July 29 and 31, in Colombia on August 3, and in Argentina on August 5. You can still buy your tickets. Would you like to go to his concert? It will be an experience you will never forget.

In other news, LOONA will visit Mexico on her LOONATHEWORLD world tour, did you hear?

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