Kanye West: Who is Julia Fox, her ultra sexy 31 year old partner?


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2022 starts strong for Ye and his new conquest Julia Fox! The generously shaped actress attracts the curiosity of the entire celebrity community. Who is the one that makes Kanye West’s head spin? We reveal all the details of this potential future “Mrs West” and her romance with the brilliant rapper.

Born in Milan to an Italian mother, Julia Fox grew up in Italy before moving to the United States. After the divorce of her parents, she will be raised by her father in Manhattan. Young Julia is not afraid of anything. She tells an American magazine in 2020 that her taste for luxury clothing has earned her been arrested for theft. In 2015, she posed nude for the sulphurous Playboy magazine. But she is also a recognized artist and writer. She exhibited her paintings and published two books. A full head in a dream body then! Her acting career began in “Uncut Gems”. The film receives very positive reviews. Keany West was right about it. After his breakup with Kim Kardashian and adventures with no real tomorrow, he seems totally addicted!

Kanye West pulls out all the stops for a dream night in New York!

Met in Miami on New Years Eve, the two lovebirds seem to have had the Thunderbolt ! Was it their artistic spirit or their taste for luxury that first brought them together? Julia Fox says it was Keany’s humor and energy that immediately connected them. For their first date in New York, Keany pulled out all the stops. He takes his sweetheart for a romantic dinner at Carbone, one of the actress’ favorite places. But dinner with Kanye is never ordinary. And even less this one! Mister West himself led a long photo shoot in the luxurious restaurant. The customers then present were asking for more!

Julia Fox and Kanye West, on the way to becoming the phenomenon couple of this early 2022!

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It was then a hotel room, filled with haute-couture clothes, luxury bags and shoes, which awaited Julia Fox… A meeting that the actress compared to a true fairy tale. Who hasn’t dreamed of feeling like Cinderella for one night… or more ?! In the early morning, however, it was with her son, Valentino, that the actress was seen. Because the beautiful is also a mother. Despite a divorce which she comments as difficult, she seems to be moving forward. Almost a year after his resounding divorce from Kim, Kanye also seems ready to really turn the page! Since the photos were posted, fans have commented and compared widely. Julia Fox and Kim Kardashian would definitely have tastes in common… clothing! If the magic doesn’t fly by midnight, Kanye and Julia will arguably be the hottest couple of 2022! Julia Fox will she be the new queen of King Kanye?

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