Kanye West: Rapper confirms candidacy for president in the United States

According to “Consequence of Sound”, Kanye West confirmed his candidacy for president of the United States, the rapper had already tried for office in 2020 and it looks like he will try again in the country’s next election.

The rapper confirmed his upcoming campaign to the paparazzi this past weekend, when asked he said, “Yeah… It’s simple… It’s just that we’re moving towards the future.”

Furthermore, he revealed that the US alt-right political figure, Milo Yiannopoulos “is working on the campaign”. West officially returned to Twitter after being banned by the social network for anti-Semitic comments and other controversies, but it seems that the rapper has already arrived generating more controversy.

Kanye West sparks controversy on his return to Twitter

The rapper returned on Sunday (20/11), saying: “Testing the test”, he tweeted shortly after completing, “Seeing if my Twitter is unlocked”, which left his fans excited for his return.

However, soon after, he sparked controversy by writing, “Shalom”, as the Hebrew word translates to “Peace” and can be used as a greeting when meeting or parting.

The controversy of the post was due to Kanye uttering several anti-Semitic comments both in interviews and on Twitter itself before the purchase of his friend Elon Musk made by the social network.

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