Kanye West in a relationship with Julia Fox, Kim Kardashian gives her opinion for the first time

Kim Kardashian

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Credit: The Sun

While Kanye West is now in a relationship with Julia Fox, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian has reacted for the first time. There is also no animosity between the two women.

Kanye West was seen quickly with his new partner Julia Fox and the announcement quickly went around the web. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had a relationship from 2012 to 2021. The two stars married in 2014 before divorcing 2021, they still remained on good terms despite everything. To begin 2022, the rapper was seen in the arms of Julia Fox, news to which Kim Kardashian reacted. According to TMZ, she has no problem with Kanye West’s budding relationship. She even claims to feel positive vibes about Julia because the model is a fan of the Kardashian family.

Julia Fox, Kanye West’s companion – Credit (s): getty images, www.gettyimages.fr

According to relatives of Kim Kardashian, she is happy to see her ex-husband happy and wishes him to “find the right one”. She lets Kanye make his own judgment on Julia Fox and wants to see him succeed, sentimentally speaking. For her part, the creator of KKW Beauty has completely moved on. Rumors even lend him a relationship with comedian Pete Davidson.

Kim approves of Julia Fox unlike the fans

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have therefore officially turned the page. Which doesn’t seem to be the case with the fans. Indeed, they accuse the rapper and his new girlfriend of wanting to recreate iconic photos taken with Kim Kardashian in order to make his ex-wife jealous. On Tiktok, the account @insydwetrust posts the two photos of Kanye with his various companions, thus claiming that he wants to recreate his relationship with Kim Kardashian. In comments, many people agree with what the video claims, we can read: “I literally got into a fight on Instagram today over this photo. He’s literally recreating it!” A situation that does not seem to concern the main concerned, everything is therefore going for the best for the former most powerful couple in the world.

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