Kanker News: Cheating of eight lakhs in the name of installing tower

Charama (Naiduniya News). In Lakhanpuri village under the police station, a case of cheating of eight lakh rupees has come to light from the youth in the name of installing mobile tower. According to the information received from the police, the applicant Chandraprakash Bhutda, while registering the FIR, said that on July 29, after seeing the advertisement for the installation of mobile tower, he called on the mobile number 9625928487. In which the advertiser asked the applicant to send the photo of passport photo, aadhar card, pan card, and land paper. The applicant sent all the documents to the advertiser through phone on 2nd August, and asked for a registration fee of Rs.1000. Which asked to be sent to the current account number of Punjab National Bank Akhilesh Mishra. The applicant paid the money on August 3.

On August 4, the applicant had a stamp paper written on the stamp paper, the paper of the check which sent Rs 15 lakh along with the ID number of the agreement letter, asked to pay Rs 7900 in it, which the applicant put in the account of Akhilesh Mishra. . After that the advertiser sent a copy of Rs 1512000 to deposit the check in the name of the applicant in the State Bank, after that sent the receipt of the bank, in which it was written that the applicant has to deposit Rs 15000. In which the applicant again deposited in the same account on August 5. After that TDS receipt was received. After that the applicant got a call, in which Rs 44000 would have to be paid for insurance. So the applicant again deposited Rs 44000 in that account on 6th August. Then asked for Rs 49000 in the name of RTO receipt. But due to the non-transfer of Rs 49000 online, from the QR code of a person named Tribhuvan, on August 10, 15-15 thousand and put 30 thousand rupees in the mobile.

After that again 11000 rupees were added to Akhilesh Mishra’s account on 10th August itself. After that a receipt of Rs 15,12,000 was received from the bank. After that, after asking the bank manager to ask for three percent commission, he again put Rs 45000 in Akhilesh Mishra’s account. Then he called and sent the receipt of Pilipin, for which he again put 49000 rupees in Akhilesh Mishra’s account on 13th August and 40000 rupees through online. Then a call came that in the name of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, you will have to deduct a receipt of Rs.88000. That money was also sent by the applicant and then he was asked to put the money by giving a receipt of Rs 49140 in the name of GST.

Also asked the Reserve Bank to pay four percent commission of Rs 45,000. After which he was again asked to put Rs 134000 in the name of DTH receipt, this time the applicant said that he would not give it if he had more money. So the advertiser talked to the MD and asked him to deposit half the money, on which the applicant again put Rs 67000. Then on August 31, 68800 of ISRO’s receipt and on September 2, in the name of transport, Rs. 92000 and generator security and toll block of Rs. 8000 should also be put in. After putting a total of eight lakh rupees, the company’s phone switch started coming. After which a report was lodged in the police station on the apprehension of being cheated with me. The applicant has registered a case under section 420 against the accused Akhilesh Mishra and Tribhuvan and others on the complaint of the police. It should be known that even after knowing that there are continuous online frauds, educated people are constantly falling prey to fraud.

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