Kanha National Park Kodo Kheer will enhance the taste of tourists in Baiga Haat

Kanha National Park: Shravan Sharma, Balaghat. Now tourists (domestic and foreign) coming to Kanha National Park will get Kodo ki Kheer, a delicious dish of Baigas. In order to create employment opportunities with tourism, Balaghat Tourism Promotion Council has constructed Baiga Haat near Mukki Gate of Kanha to give a better platform to the art and culture of Baigas. In which along with bringing the culture and art of Baiga on the stage, efforts are being made to bring the taste of their indigenous food to foreign countries. Kodo ki kheer will enhance the taste of foreign tourists visiting Baiga Haat.

To increase tourism by connecting the tourists visiting Kanha with the Baiga culture, Baiga Haat has been given the form of an elaborate market. In this, along with furnishings, indigenous food items are also being made available. Along with this, the livelihood mission is taking steps to increase the trend of Kodo Kheer here. Serving indigenous delicacies of tribal areas by women groups will enhance the flavor of tourism.

women are increasing the market

In Baiga Haat, women associated with Livelihood Mission are pushing the market here with local products. He has geared up to become self-reliant. Women are increasing their income by selling food items by preparing furnishings in Baiga Haat. In this, women associated with Aajeevika Mission are selling pottery, food items, bamboo craft as well as operating a canteen serving indigenous dishes.

this is the purpose

If guides will bring tourists coming to Kanha, they will also benefit.

– Gypsy drivers will also benefit.

With the arrival of tourists to Baiga Haat, the market here will increase.

The shopkeepers will also profit from increasing purchases.

– Thrill will increase with tourism in the middle of the market in Baiga Haat.

The taste of desi cuisine will reach abroad.

Features of Kodo: Kodo ki Kheer is a special sweet dish made in the villages of Balaghat-Mandla in the tribal region. Which is much liked. It is one of the delicious dishes of the tribal region and is also full of nutritious properties. It is rich in high protein dietary fiber, minerals and antioxidant elements. Its grain is small, due to which the kheer becomes very tasty.

they say

Along with tourism, employment is also being promoted near Mukki Gate of Kanha by adding folk culture to Baiga Haat. Here the women of Aajeevika Mission are also strengthening the foundation of self-reliance. By serving the indigenous dishes of the tribal region, it is bringing its taste to foreign countries. Here Kodo kheer is special among those dishes. Tourists will like it very much in Baiga Haat. This year it will be kept on a large scale as soon as tourism starts.

Om Prakash Bedua, District Project Manager, State Rural Livelihood Mission Balaghat

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