Kamen Vodenicharov: I’m not afraid of Putin’s bombs! I am going to fight if there is a mobilization in our country

“I’m not afraid that Putin can start a nuclear war! Because besides his “button” for bombs, there are other buttons that can be pressed on our side – on the common defense union, of which Bulgaria is a part. People should to be aware that our country is not an independent entity flying freely in space, actor, director and screenwriter Kamen Vodenicharov told “Bulgaria Dnes”.

“Putin has been heading for a third world war since day one, when he entered Ukraine and said he wanted to wipe out an independent state,” Vodenicharov continues. – The people he leads politically have gone mad with greed and a desire to conquer old territories left from the former USSR only in their heads. These people, from the current government of Russia, will not stop! They will end badly! The only thing we can do is cold-bloodedly, with a clear conscience, with all the strength and means to prepare for resistance to this inhumane regime” – the cult presenter is categorical.

He says that he was a sanitary instructor in the barracks and graduated from a school from which he had the rank of something like a junior paramedic in the ranks of the military medical units of the Bulgarian Army.

“So, if mobilization is necessary in our country, I will go, of course! I also shoot very well. I keep fit by visiting different shooting ranges. I have a relationship with weapons, that’s why I’m not afraid!” – says Vodenicharov.

According to the actor, such unpleasant moments usually direct the artist to creativity and bring out the best in him. Unfortunately, what came out of Kamen Vo at that moment was only anger and sadness.

“Because Putin’s regime is making Russia into a mean, unhappy and nagging country, which in my imagination it is not. Ordinary Russian people are very different from their rulers. They are like us, the Bulgarians. The bad thing is that most of them are victims of brutal media propaganda. I watch the Russian channels and see how terrifyingly ridiculous what they fill their heads with. There is nothing terrible in the brats of a crazy man and the band of robbers around him. We must defend our values ​​and achievements. And if we have to fight, we will fight!” – says the host.

Ivaylo Hristov:

The Russian president is definitely not well, I want to see him in The Hague!

Ivaylo Hristov

I will be extremely pleased if one day I see Putin in the international court in The Hague! You cannot wage war and threaten with nuclear weapons in the 21st century! In my opinion, this person is not well mentally and is a misanthrope. This happens to anyone who has been in power for so long. He forgets who he is and where he is. He doesn’t imagine that if one bomb goes off once, the others won’t explode too?! Well, nothing will be left of this land! Does he think that he will be able to hide somewhere?!

If the third world war starts, what should I be afraid of? Einstein said: “If the third begins, the fourth will be fought with slingshots!”.

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