Kalush Orchestra wins thanks to fans: Ukraine wins the Eurovision Song Contest

Kalush Orchestra wins thanks to fans
Ukraine wins the Eurovision Song Contest

In the jury ratings, Ukraine is not even in the top three, but then the votes of the television viewers are announced: In the end, the war-torn country even wins relatively clearly. Germany lands far behind at the end of the field.

Top favorite Ukraine has won the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). The Kalush Orchestra was able to prevail on Sunday night with its song “Stefania” thanks to the audience’s points. Great Britain was ahead in the jury’s evaluation. Germany ended up in last place with singer Malik Harris at the show in Turin, Italy.

The singer of the Ukrainian band, Oleh Psiuk, dedicated the victory to the people of Russia-attacked Ukraine. “This victory is for all Ukrainians,” said Psiuk in his first reaction.

The Ukrainian victory had been expected. In the jury evaluation, which counted half of all points, they were still well behind Great Britain. Sweden and Spain also received more points from the jury. In the end, however, Ukraine was able to win the audience rating in almost all countries and get the maximum number of twelve points. They won 439 points from the audience – a maximum of 468 points from the television audience would have been possible.

Germany with Malik Harris disappointed and finished last in the competition. Despite a decent performance, the 24-year-old only scored six points with his song “Rockstars”.

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