Kaká Diniz accompanies Simone on Simaria’s birthday and removes controversy with sister-in-law: ‘I never released indirect’

Kaka Diniz was at the 40th birthday party of Simaria, sister and stage partner of his wife, Simone, in Vila Olímpia, South Zone of São Paulo, this Monday (13). During the event, the businessman commented on the alleged needling to his sister-in-law and denied the indirect.

“There’s no controversy. I’ve been married for 10 years and I’ve never dropped a hint on a social network. [indireta]? People really distort, they take that context”, he explained to “Quem”. “The social network algorithm always understands that the controversy is something more suggestive, because you stir up other people who want to generate controversy and people start to argue. There are people who hype it up,” she said.

Simaria turns 40 next Thursday (16), but anticipated the celebration. The singer did not skimp on the number of invitations to the party. There were about 800 guests, including family members from the interior of Bahia, childhood friends and many celebrities.

Climão between Simone and Simaria in show

Last Saturday (11), Simone started a solo performance at São João de Caruaru and starred in a “climate” with Simaria. The artist explained that her sister had been sick. Simaria arrived about 1h20 after the show started, which was already over, and ignored Simone’s attempts to end the performance.

“Colleguinhas, it’s time to go,” Simone said. Simaria replied: “We’re not leaving, I bought you a little more time”. Simone asked the audience to sing “to finish cool”: “Thank you Caruaru! Bye!”.

“Another Simone, ‘Guenta ai!’ At least another three”, replied Simaria, starting another hit. Simone said goodbye again at the end of the song, but Simaria started singing again. “To finish beautifully, one more song!”.

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