Kad Merad: a puzzling next role in Dany Boon’s new film!

On his instagramKad Merad publishes “A waterfall and not a scratch!” in front of a Citroën C5X lying on the roof. In the background, the Arc-de-Triomphe… because the action is happening in large
party in Paris, but also in Belgium and Italy. For the needs of Dany Boon’s next comedy, life for realthe actor didn’t hesitate to wet his jersey… by stuntman, of course!

The story ? It’s that of Tridan Lagache, played by Dany Boon, a man who was born and lived all his life in a Club Med in Mexico. At 50, he decides to leave his cocoon for the first time to find Violette (Charlotte Gainsbourg), his childhood sweetheart, and discover… life for real. In Paris, many obstacles and perils will await him, including the unexpected meeting of Louis, his older half-brother (played by Kad Merad) whom he did not know and who will do everything to get rid of him. And this is indeed a mythical reunion between Dany Boon and Kad Merad who share the poster for the fourth time!

Which makes Kad say, according to the site of TF1 : “So! It’s good, you’ve tried other actors, now you have to go back to basics. We’re having a lot of fun!” And the atmosphere of the shooting does indeed seem to be very relaxed! Nice surprise from this cast, the rare and remarkable presence of Charlotte Gainsbourg, whom we have nevertheless been able to see on other comedies like give me your hand alongside Alain Chabat. How did she get there? She responds to TF1 : “I saw his movie, I texted him. I don’t think he texted it to me [proposé] straight away but it came pretty quickly. I was super happy”explains the actress, who confides “I have been looking for this comedy tone for a long time. These are not things that I am offered easily”. Started last May, the theatrical release of the film is scheduled for spring 2023 and promises to be a great time of great fun.

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