K-Pop idols who don’t like doing aegyo for their fans

Aegyo is a very popular type of behavior in Korea, in which artists act in a cute way, exciting their fans. There are idols who are considered the kings of aegyo, but there are others who have shown that they don’t like it at all when they have to make these kinds of expressions. Do you want to know who they are?

If you are a fan of K-Pop, surely you know exactly what a aegyo and you absolutely adore it when your bias decides to do it on camera. However, not all idols they enjoy doing aegyo and often avoid it if they can. This compilation will show you some artists who they don’t like these kinds of expressions.

In the world of K-Pop, fanservice is very popular and one of the actions that fans demand the most is aegyo. In both male and female groups, the fandom will always want to see their idol doing aegyo. What artists do you know that don’t like to do this?

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Idols who don’t enjoy doing aegyo but look adorable doing it

tzuyu She is one of the TWICE members who looks very cute without the need to do aegyo. However, when she must do it, she usually has a very serious and calm expression, showing that she hardly likes doing it.

DO EXO’s is not the biggest fan of aegyos. The idol always usually has a serious expression on his face, as well as having a very calm personality. For this reason, when he is forced to do aegyos, both his teammates and his fans can’t stop laughing.

soyeon She is one of the rappers of (G)I-DLE and her personality is usually rude and girl crush. For this reason, when she has to do aegyo, she is usually not very happy and her classmates burst out laughing at her reactions.

woozi He’s another idol who doesn’t need to do aegyo to look cute. However, he is usually the best when he has to do aegyos, although as soon as he finishes you can see the regret in his expression.

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jeonghan from SEVENTEEN has stood out for his visuals and personality. However, when it comes to doing aegyo, he is usually not the most enthusiastic and even comes across as a bit shy.

Although he is the maknae of the group, MI not the biggest fan of doing aegyo. Despite that, when it comes to doing aegyo battles against his teammates, he brings out the competitive side of him and doesn’t let anyone beat him.

Wendy from Red Velvet is also not a big fan of doing aegyos and many videos have shown it. When she has to look cute doing aegyos, she rushes to finish them quickly and then she usually looks very embarrassed doing it.

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