K-Pop Girl Groups With The Lovely Girl Crush Vibe

Groups like BLACKPINK, ITZY, and more have shown their energy on stage as they show off their talents and take on the girl crush style.

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Inside of the K-Pop There are many qualities and traits that are sometimes not reviewed in detail in other areas of music, one of them is the concept, a term that refers to the style that a group will be wearing during their comeback or even the one that will guide their career.

The girl crush It has many characteristics that make it stand out, one of them is the girl power that idols show, both in their lyrics and in the outfits that they carry and sometimes even in the construction of their music videos.

This concept is focused on showing artists capable of becoming the platonic love of anyone, the singers stand out for showing their strength and confidence, do you know any girl group with these characteristics? Here we will tell you which K-Pop teams are very well adapted to this style.

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Idols who took over the girl crush concept

YG Entertainment’s girl group debuted in August 2016 and is made up of four members, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa.

BLACKPINK members. | Source: Instagram @blackpinkofficial

JYP Entertainment’s newest Korean girl group so far has five members, Lia, Ryujin, Yeji, Chaeryeong, and Yuna.

ITZY members. | Source: Twitter @ITZYofficial

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In 2018, (G) I-DLE debuted under the Cube Entertainment label, it currently has five members and they are Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua.

Members of (G) I-DLE. | Source: Twitter @ Martin06PvP

E: U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha, and Yiren are the girls that make up this team, they debuted in 2019 and are represented by the Yuehua Entertainment company.

Everglow members. | Source: Twitter @EverglowChile_

This is the youngest girl group on the list, as they only debuted in 2020. STAYC is part of the High Up Entertainment company and is made up of Suppl, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, and J, having six members in total.

Members of STAYC. | Source: Twitter @STAYC_official

Recently we also told you about some fashion keys to wear the girl crush style inspired by ITZY, know what they are and create new outfits.

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