K-Pop collaborations with Latin artists with a unique beat

It is very common for Korean groups to decide to collaborate with Western artists, although most of the time they focus on American singers, there are several groups that have surprised Spanish-speaking fans with collaborations to the Latin rhythm. These are some songs that should not be missing from your K-Pop playlist and that are collaborations with Latin American artists.

If it catches your attention K-pop collaborations with latin artists, these are some songs that you will love because they have part of the Latin rhythm with representatives of Spanish-speaking music. Without a doubt, they are singles that you won’t be able to stop listening to because of their rhythm.

Latin American fans love when a group decides to do a collaboration in Spanish and couldn’t be more proud to see their favorite K-Pop artists explore new styles.

For that reason, these are some K-Pop collaborations with Spanish-speaking singers that you won’t be able to stop listening to for their catchy and colorful rhythms. Without a doubt, they are songs that you will love.

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K-Pop songs where Latin artists collaborated and created jewelry

Super Junior had an incredible collaboration with the Mexican group REIK. The melody begins with flashy guitar chords, and the song has phrases in Korean, English, and Spanish. One More Time (Again) It’s a song that should be on your playlist.

  • MOMOLAND with Natti Natasha

YUMMY YUMMY LOVE is the song that the group MOMOLAND has with the Dominican singer Natti Natasha. A catchy song with a retro style where the Latin singer shows her best rap in English.

  • MONSTA X with Sebastian Yatra

Magnetic is the song that MONSTA X performed with the Colombian singer Sebastian Yatra. Single that includes parts in Korean, English and Spanish and has a catchy and flashy style that will make you want to dance at all times.

The song that in which Chung Ha collaborates with Puerto Rican singer Guaynaa is named Crazy. This song caught the attention of the fans too much because Chung Ha sang a large part of the song in Spanish. With an undeniable Latin rhythm, this song is perfect for any party.

One of the first collaborations of a K-Pop artist was Get Dumbof Crayon Pop with the Mexican boyband CD9. A fun and sweet pop song that will make you want to jump up and dance to its catchy tune.

  • Super Junior with Leslie Grace

Though Leslie Grace is American, her Dominican ancestry is undeniable and the singer proudly shows her Latin roots as in her collaboration with Super Junior call I am sorry. Song in Korean and Spanish that fascinated thousands for its Latin rhythm.

In other news, BTS, Snoop Dogg, and Benny Blanco will premiere Bad Decisions in early August. That’s what you should know about the collaboration of these artists.

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