K-Dramas of female friendships to enjoy with your besties

Friendship between women is always the most powerful and many doramas have shown this perfectly. These are some dramas with iconic groups of friends that you will want to see in the company of your little group.

Many dramas have sought to portray in different ways the female friendship, from a group of young people who live in the same house or groups of adult women who have known each other for a lifetime. Are recommendations They talk about that kind of friendship.

If you’re a fan of K-dramas, here are some stories you shouldn’t miss, especially since they portray the friendship between women in different fields and how this can be very helpful. Do you want to know which doramas we recommend?

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Doramas of friendship between women that you will love from the first chapter

Cast: Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, Kim Ji Hyun.

If you like doramas to cry, this story is for you. It tells the story of three women who have been friends since they were very young, but their friendship will be put to the test when one of them is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Now, they will try to live to the fullest the time that remains of their friendship. It has a total of 12 chapters and you can find it at Netflix Like Thirty-Nine.

Cast: Park Eun Bin, Han Ye Ri, Ryu Hwa Young, Han Seung Yeon, Park Hye Soo

If you like funny plots with very charismatic characters, this story is for you. It tells about the life of five university students who live in the same house. While the five have very different personalities and each hide their own secrets from her, they will form a very strong and indestructible bond. Although it is a comedy, this drama deals with very strong themes such as abuse in relationships, lies, bullying at work, and the innocence of first love. This drama has two seasons of 12 episodes each and you can find it in new dramas like Age of Youth.

Cast: Kim Ji In, Seo Hye Won, Jo Hye Joo.

This drama tells the story of three girls who became very close friends thanks to their disastrous romantic lives. So, they get together to enjoy delicious food while they recount their misadventures in love. It has two seasons of 8 episodes each and is found in Youtube.

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Cast: Lee Yo Won, Ran Mi Ran, Myung Se Bin.

This drama tells the story of three completely different women who join forces when they want to exact revenge. The first is a chaebol daughter, the second is a housewife, and the third is a lady who sells fish. No matter how different they are, their friendship will grow significantly. It has a total of 12 chapters and you can see it in doramas premieres.

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