K-Dramas about following your dreams no matter the obstacles

In life, many obstacles can arise that will make us hesitate to continue with our dreams, but many stories show that it is never too late and giving up is not an option, like the following dramas. Heartwarming stories that you will love from start to finish.

A lots of dramas they have stories motivators that we are always taught that there is more than one solution to our problems and that if we want something we must cling to the idea to get it, like Oh! my Baby, Navillera Y Good Doc.

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For that reason, when you feel lost about your biggest dreams and feel like it’s time to give up, these dramas could be the little push you need to not give up on your dreams.

A woman who could become infertile but wants to be a mother at all costs, an older adult who wants to fulfill his dream of being a professional dancer after his retirement and a doctor with autistic appearance disorder, without stories that show that no matter our condition, we can continue Our dreams.

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Dramas that will motivate you not to abandon your dreams

This drama is about a woman who has dreamed all her life of being a mother, to such an extent that she dedicates a large part of her life to a magazine specialized in maternity. However, after learning that she has a disease in her uterus that could make her sterile, she realizes that she must get pregnant as soon as possible and she searches for candidates among her co-workers. A fun romantic comedy that will make you empathize with the desire of the protagonist. You can see it on Viki.

After retiring, an older adult decides to fulfill his childhood dream: to be a professional ballet dancer. However, he will have to face the lack of support from his family, ridicule from his acquaintances and the rejection of a student who, as a punishment, becomes his teacher. But the old man is determined not to abandon his dream for the world, because it could be the last thing he does. You can watch this moving story on Netflix.

If this name sounds familiar to you from the American series, you will be excited to know that the Korean version is the original. This is the story of a young genius doctor who will have to face hundreds of prejudices for being autistic. The disorder he suffers from will cause his every medical decision to be called into question, but he will prove that no matter what, he is an excellent doctor. You can watch it on Viki.

In other news, Kim Seon Ho will be returning to the world of acting, did you hear?

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