JYP Entertainment reveals more of Xdinary Heroes with new teaser

JYP Entertainment has everything set to launch a new K-Pop idol group, Xdinary Heroes is looking forward to their debut and generating anticipation with their teasers.

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Groups such as STRAY KIDS, TWICE and ITZY are part of JYP Entertainment, an agency with many years in the industry of K-Pop that always guarantees quality with its different boy bands and girl groups, its artists are full of talent.

JYP has a keen eye and high standards for his trainees, this is why they prepare the best boys and girls with excellent musical skills to debut and create idol groups that surprise everyone fan; This year, the company is preparing to launch a new band.

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Xdinary Heroes is the name of the new group that JYP Entertainment has already formed and that promises a lot for their great debut, little by little and with different teasers and trailers, the agency musical has revealed more information about this upcoming boy band.

Jooyeon, O.de, Gaon, Jun Han |, Jungsu and gunil They are the Xdinary Heroes lineup and we can learn more about them and their origins with the most recent teaser of the group.

JYP Entertainment reveals Xdinary Heroes origins in new group’s new teaser

Through the official JYP Entertainment channel at YouTube, a new trailer for his new boy band, ‘Origin of Xdinary Heroes’ is the name of this teaser which shows us more of the upcoming idols that are part of the group.

It is idol group It will not only interpret their songs, apparently they will also play instruments because some of its members are already known for their talents to perform in this way; the fans They are excited in the comment box saying that this band will be full of attractive and talented idols.

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When is Xdinary Heroes debut?

The date in which Xdinary Heroes will take the stage completely and conquer the world with their songs, more information is expected in the future from JYP, so we will still wait more for him. debut of this boy band.

Xdinary Heroes will debut very soon | Twitter: @JYPE_TRAINEES

For now, we just have to wait more to see all the brilliance of the guys who are part of Xdinary Heroes, they will surely flood the music industry with talent. South Korea.

Speaking of JYP y Xdinary HeroesCould it be that the agency stole the MONSTA X logo for their new band? Fans pointed to the similarities they found.

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