Juve ruins everything with Dybala, PSG on the lookout

While the two parties had reached an agreement, Juventus Turin wished to return to the content of the discussions with Paulo Dybala. Result, everything has to be redone between the Old Lady and her attacker at the end of the contract. And clubs like Paris Saint-Germain are already on the lookout.

Juventus Turin could lose big in this series with twists. After long negotiations, the Turin management had finally reached an agreement with Paulo Dybala to extend his contract which expires next June. The Argentine striker had negotiated an annual salary of around 8.5 million euros. Suddenly, the Bianconero no longer fueled the transfer window rumors, at least until the recent turnaround. Indeed, Il Messaggero tells us that Juventus Turin finally wants to revise the agreement downwards.

Italian leaders would now offer income of 7 million euros, plus bonuses. An offer refused by Paulo Dybala, which clings to the initial promise. So here it is again on the soon to be free player market. This is why Paris Saint-Germain would be among the clubs on the lookout, just like Inter Milan, FC Barcelona and residents of the Premier League. The threat does not seem to worry the coach Massimiliano Allegri, however, rather serene on the subject. ” Contracts are business estimates, first dodged the technician. I raised Dybala, he was a kid in Palermo and now he’s an amazing player. »

Allegri’s message to Dybala

« In the first part of the season, we had less with us because of injuries. Now a lot is expected of him. His value is indisputable, he is a great player, confié Massimiliano Allegri. We just have to think about playing. Football is based on the pitch, you have to go there and act. Maybe some players want a change of scenery, but in the end they have to play. It’s simple, if you’re not good, you won’t get a contract at Juve or other teams. To be in a strong position in discussions, you have to be good. This applies to everyone, from the players to the coach. “Not concerned by the negotiations, the coach of Juve just wants to keep a Paulo Dybala involved.

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