Justin Bieber with good news: Can smile again

After canceling his entire tour – including two concerts in Denmark – Justin Bieber now gives an update on his health.

“Wait for it,” he wrote on Instagram on Wednesday and then showed clear evidence of recovery.

The 29-year-old world star could tell in June last year that he had been affected by Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which had paralyzed one half of his face.

In a video, he showed how he could only smile with one corner of his mouth and only close and blink with one eye. Watch the video above the article.

But in a new video, posted in his story on Wednesday, he shows how he can now smile all over his face and squint his eyes in a big smile.

Lone Hagens Mygind, senior physician at the department of infectious diseases at Aalborg University Hospital, previously told BT that Ramsay Hunt syndrome is caused by a chickenpox virus that is reactivated.

“So anyone who has had chicken pox can be affected by it. It’s similar to shingles, just on the face, and it consists of a triad of symptoms called paralysis of the face, ear pain and a chickenpox-like rash,’ explained the head doctor.

“It is seen more often if one’s immune system is down. So if you’re stressed and in a hurry, it can happen, but you also see it without an explanation as to why.’

When Justin Bieber talked about his illness, he could also regrettably say that he had to cancel the rest of his ‘Justice World Tour’. In this connection, his two Danish concerts, which should have been held on 17 and 18 March, were postponed indefinitely.

In February they were canceled entirely and ticket holders will be refunded.

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